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The drilling facility design enables derrick drawworks unit motion while derrick and drillfloor base are up (given drill stem setback) between boreholes at a distance of 200 m by means of platform with propulsion mechanism consisting of sections whose overall dimensions allow mud board transportation along by general purpose roads by means of universal vehicles.


Capability for both cluster and single-well drilling, and for side-tracking.


Electrically-driven drill pumps capability for gradual buildup of pressure up to 350 atm, and for reaching flow rate of 60 L/s low mud pulse amplitudes.


Reduction in time and costs for carriage of transportable assemblies of the drilling facility modules.


The drilling facility control system software allows on-line in-operation troubleshooting.


Reduction in erection time during rig-up/rig-down; the erection time for modules corresponds to the untrucking time plus time for modules piping by means of QDC and electric cables by means of quick-detachable connections.


Protective lockouts system implemented in the drilling facility control system minimizes potential for emergencies due to ground equipment failure, and ensures protection from personnel misbehavior, and consequently cuts down on the process emergencies and accidents occurrence risk in respect of HSE.


Self-propelled derrick drawworks unit
Parameter name, characteristicsValue
Permissible hook load in accordance with GOST 16293-89, kN (tf)2500 (250)
Maximum test load on the hook, kN (tf)3060 (312)
Nominal drilling depth according to GOST 16293-89, m4000
Power supply of mobile drilling rig (MDR) from the industrial network, with the possibility of power supply from autonomous power supply sources of DGP6 kV, 50 Hz
Drilling rig component configurationBlock-modular;
self-propelled MDR
Weight of the largest unit during transportation (except for the derrick drawworks unit semi-trailer)at most 40 t
Drilling line system5х6
Drilling line diameter, mm32
Stand height, m18,5-21; 25 (without TDS)
Nominal pipe diameter, mm89, 102, 114, 121, 127, 146, 168, 178, 203, 245, 324
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Mounting base options

Self-propelled chassis 14x14


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Driller`s cabin

 The following is implemented through the driller's cabin:
- the possibility of sound notification and voice guidance in case of exceeding the specified boundary parameters (main and secondary);
- shutdown of the system, controller unit and electric drive of the drawworks brake arm (including emergency).
- automatic transition to manual control when interacting with the brake arm.
- complete blackout of the system by a signal from an external source
- a gas analyzer, fire alarm, etc.

The automated control system of the drilling rig provides:
- automatic maintenance of the mechanical drilling speed;
- automatic bit feed depending on the pressure on the bit;
- automatic bit feed depending on the pressure drop;
- automatic bit feed depending on the moment by the tool;
- automatic system for maintaining the set speed of hoisting operations;
- automatic stabilization of the torque when drilling with rotation;
- automatic bringing the load to the bottom in the controlled-angle drilling mode by monitoring the position of the main shaft of the TDA and oscillation (rotation) of the drilling rig;
- automatic determination of the optimal drilling mode


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Drawworks (DW)
Parameter name, characteristicsValue
DW typeSingle drum with work line damper
Carrying capacity, t250
Power at the DW drum, kW1000
Tractive effort, kN280
Drive typeElectric, VFD
DW drive power, kW1000
thread on a drum for a line 32 mmLebus
Main brakeDynamic braking by DW electric motor
Parking brake and emergency brakeDisc brake
Hook lifting speed, m/s0 – 1,5
Type of DW emergency driveElectric, VFD
Emergency drive motor power, kW45
Hoisting speed of hook block with a load of 250 tf, m/min (m/s)0,8 (0,013)
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Rotary base
Parameter name, characteristicsValue
Rotary base typeDouble parallelogram
Height to rotary beam, m6
Standback capacity (drill pipes with DP lock 89/114 mm), stands/meters215/4000
Working place, m8х6,2
Rotor typeР-700
Wellslot orifice diameter, mm700
Nominal diameter of pipes, gripped by pneumatic power slips ПКР and ПКРО, mm89, 102, 114, 121, 127, 146, 168, 178, 203, 245, 324
Rotor driveIndividual from 690V electric motor with VFD
Electric motor power, kW400
Rotation frequency, rpm0-250
Maximum torque on the rotor table (at a rotor speed of 100 rpm), kN*m40
Maximum short-term torque on the rotor table, kN*m60
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Automated pipe handlers with a system of preliminary make-up of drill pipes into stands


- Using of drillpipes and stands (heavy-duty drillpipes, steel drillpipes, casing pipes)
- Built-in spinner for make-up
- Built-in travel system Installation of racks height along
- Automation of operations
- Remote control
- Use of casing pipes: up to 20“
- Sizes of used DP and stands: 4 ¾ "- 9 ½"
- Max. spinner torque: 4,000 Nm

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Moving platform

Designed to move drilling equipment without dismantling during well construction by the cluster method.

Parameter name, characteristicsValue
Permissible load on the hook of the drilling rig, at most, kN (tf)2451 (250)
Acceptable load on the SEFDR when moving, tf500
Acceptable load on SEFDR during drilling operations, tf750
Weight of the drilling equipment to be placed, at most, t736
Height to the bottom of the mobile platform, mm900
Height at the top of the mobile platform, mm1400
Dimensions of the mobile platform, mm20000х30000х500
Location of drilling rig wind guy attachment pointswithin the mobile platform
Location of drill pipes when movingin the racks of the stabbing board of the derrick-man
Method of movingsliding on support beams
The speed of movement of the equipment of the drilling rig between wells, m/hup to 4
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VFD / LVCD module

Designed to control the operation of the DW and rotor.
The module includes:
- Two high-voltage single-end service assembled chambers (КСО)
- Input cabinet 6 kV
- Input cabinet 0.69 / 0.6 / 0.4 kV
- Transformer 6 kV / 2x0.69 kV
- Transformer 6 kV / 0.6 kV / 0.4 kV
- Frequency converter of rotor and DW
- VFD/LVCD control system cabinet
- Electricity distribution cabinet No. 1
- Electricity distribution cabinet No. 2
- DW emergency drive cabinet
- APF active filter cabinet
- Braking resistors

The drilling rig control system has:
- Electronic control units of the system (driller's console and the workplace of the foreman, supervisor) with display of the set drilling parameters with reference to time.
The electronic control unit of the system includes software that allows you to perform:
- collection, storage and processing of information;
- data storage in non-volatile memory with the ability to view the archives of the operating parameters of the system in the form of graphs (locally and remotely), as well as view the log of events, accidents and actions of the operator/driller;
- remote access to the System (with limited management functions);
- uploading reports in *.xls,*.pdf formats, for a user-selected period of time

Fitted in a mobile building of automobile dimensions (container type 40 ft HQ):

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Top drive system
Drive typeElectric variable speed driveElectric variable speed drive
Max. load250 t250 t
Current load (max)610A698A
Nominal motor power500 kW / 672 h.p.375 kW / 503 h.p.
Speed range0 - 200 rpm0 - 180 rpm
Working torque47,75 kNm40 kNm
Max. uncoupling torque60 kNm60 kNm
Backup tong range68,6 - 191 mm86 - 206 mm
Wellslot orifice diameter76 mm76 mm
Wellslot orifice PN50 MPa35 MPa
Ambient operating temperature-45... +55°С-45... +55°С
Weight of main components10,8 t9,84 t
Overall dimensions of the main components5534х1401х1595 mm4830х1360х1220 mm
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Partnership with LSC-Group

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Cleaning system equipment

The system is designed to clean the drilling mud from cuttings, maintain the specified mud parameters, make and store a new mud.

The mobile drilling rig uses two separate modules of the cleaning system, which are interconnected by a communication quick-release box.


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Mobile pumping unit

Consists of 3 modules.
In transport dimensions LxWxH: 8000x2450x3000 mm.
Weight of the main 2 modules is 22 t each.
Intermediate module weight - 8 t.
Installation time for the pumping unit is 1.5 hours.
Possibility to pressurize the high pressure line without the involvement of special equipment.


Head and rate characteristics of plunger pumps QWS-2500 with electric motor 1250kW

Motor rpm603004506007509001050120013501500165018001950
Pupm rpm9,447,270,894,4118,1141,7165,3188,9212,5236,1259,7283,3306,9
Plunger Ф 4 "(101.6 mm)
Flow rate, l/s1,36,59,713,016,219,422,725,929,232,435,738,942,1
Pressure, MPa50,150,150,150,150,150,047,641,637,033,330,327,825,6
Plunger Ф 5 "(127 mm)
Flow rate, l/s2,010,115,220,325,330,435,540,545,650,655,760,865,8
Pressure, MPa35,135,135,135,135,132,030,527,723,721,319,417,816,5

Head and rate characteristics of plunger pumps QWS-2500 with electric motor 1600kW

Motor rpm603004506007509001050120013501500165018001950
Pupm rpm9,447,270,894,4118,1141,7165,3188,9212,5236,1259,7283,3306,9
Plunger Ф 5 "(127 mm)
Flow rate, l/s2,010,115,220,325,330,435,540,545,650,655,760,865,8
Pressure, MPa50,150,150,150,148,145,042,636,632,028,325,321,820,6
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Mud Pump Control System (MPCS)

Rated: 6 kV.

Number voltageof connected electric motors: 2 pcs.

Maximum power of the electric motor: 1600 kW.

The equipment is housed in a 40-ft HQ container.
Regulation and control of the
Mud pump and aux. equipment:
- Supercharger pump
- Rod reflux pump
- Grease pump
Electric motor and its systems:
- Electric heating bundles

- Ventilation
on the driller and assistant driller panels:
- Pressure/flow rate

- Current moves
- Alarm/ready
- Fault warnings

- Alarm/warning codes
at the SGU Terminal:
- MPCS status and mode

- HV circuit status
- State of the MPCS equipment
- Event log and archive
Control and protection of the
Mud pump and aux. equipment:
- Mud pressure. Protection against mechanical destruction of the manifold

- Mud flow rate
- Thermal protection of the electric motor of auxiliary pumps
- Air pressure in the airclutch
Electric motor and its systems:
- Temperature of the stator, bearings

- Thermal protection of fans
Drilling processes:
- Automatic regulation of the mud feed volume depending on the pressure
- Pressure build-up protection
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The switchgear of low-voltage complete devices of the mobile drilling rig (SWG/LVCD) is designed to receive and distribute the electric power of the rig and compensate for reactive power.

Parameter nameValue
Number of high voltage cells6
Rated voltage, kV6
Rated current of main circuits КСО, А1000
Power input 6 kV to SWG/LVCD, 2 options- from the input tower;
- cable input.
Number of low-voltage power distribution cabinets in SWG/LVCD5
Rated voltage, kV0,4
Rated current of main circuits КСО, А2000
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Induction steam boiler room

Designed for equipment heating, washing, cleaning and other operations with low pressure steam (up to 0.8 MPa)

- startup time - 30 sec
- electricity costs are 2.5 times lower than existing electrical analogs
- Rostekhnadzor rules do not apply


Parameter nameValue
Unit productivity in terms of steam, kg/hour500 to 4000
Overall dimensions, by performanceContainer 20-40 feet
Ambient temperature, °С-45 to +45
Unit weight, by productivity, kg4500 to 12000 kg
Maximum steam pressure at the outlet, MPa0,8
Supply voltage, V380 +/- 5%
Power consumption, kW320
Steam capacity controlin stages
200-300 kg/hour

Cooperation with ООО "ПАРРУС"

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Communication quick-release box (CQRB)

Designed for quick installation, dismantling of process communications sections. It is a thermally insulated body in which various pipelines are mounted, connected by quick-disconnect couplings. Cable racks are provided for mounting overhead electrical power and control cables.

Overall dimensions of the CQRB sectionAt most (LxWxH/stand) mm, 10500 x 830 x 650/1950
Stand for cable lineAt least 6 pcs per 1 CQRB section
Weight of one CQRB sectionAt most 1900 kg

NameQ-tyMaterialP working - MPaCoupling
High pressure manifold НКТ-1141Steel50Quick disconnect coupling -4"
Mud channel DN-2251PE1BAUER 8" (steel)
Water pipeline DN-801Steel1Camlock
Water pipeline DN-501Steel1,6


Steam pipeline DN-382Steel0,8


Air pipeline DN-241Steel1,6Camlock
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Буровая компания "Евразия", Когалымский филиал
Управление буровыми насосами.

В настоящее время на объектах Когалымского филиала ООО "Буровая компания "Евразия" эксплуатируется 19 комплексов управления буровыми насосами производства ООО "Л-Старт".

С.А. Сокол
Начальник службы АСУТП


Буровая компания Сибирь
Насосный блок с ЧРП

Гарантии ООО "Л-Старт" поставки оборудования в кратчайшие сроки позволили нашей компании получить объемы производства ... В первые же месяцы работы после внедрения оборудования буровой бригадой был поставлен рекорд скорости проходки.

С.В. Курбацкий

Новоуренгойское управление буровых работ
Комплекс управления буровыми насосами

Используя собственные наработки, компания Л-Старт качественно и в срок разработала, изготовила комплекс КУБН-1.1250 и выполнила его поставку в ООО "НУБР" в комплекте с асинхронными электродвигателями на замену синхронных.

В.В. Подшибякин
Генеральный директор


Буровая компания "Евразия", Пермский филиал
Управление буровыми насосами

Оборудование ООО "Л-Старт" (УПП и ВПЧ) успешно эксплуатировались в жестких условиях и показали стабильно высокие результаты. За время работы оборудование зарекомендовало себя с лучшей стороны, сбоев в работе и отказов за все время эксплуатации не было. Рекомендую оборудование производства ООО "Л-Старт" к эксплуатации.

Ф.Ф. Минибаев
Главный энергетик

Уренгой бурение (Газпром бурение)
Комплекс управления буровыми насосами

ООО "Л-Старт" выполнило поставку Комплексов управления буровыми насосами собственной разработки в комплекте с электродвигателями и эластичными муфтами...

В.В. Курбацкий
Главный энергетик

Мегионское управление буровых работ
Комплекс управления буровыми насосами

Наличие высоковольтного частотно-регулируемого привода в системе управления буровыми насосами позволило производить регулировку подачи буровых насосов с заданной точностью.

Ю.И. Бузинов
Генеральный директор

Буровая компания "Евразия", Усинский филиал
Управление буровыми насосами

Оборудование ООО "Л-Старт" показало высокую эффективность работы. Претензий и нареканий к работе оборудования со стороны эксплуатирующего персонала Усинского филиала ООО "Буровая компания "Евразия" отсутствуют.

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